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September came and went without much going on garden wise. The temps cooled and the rains made a regular showing. Fred kept creeping along to the point of needing his own zip code. Helda kept putting out beans like crazy, more clubroot was found in the broccoli planted this spring and the zucchini kept getting larger and larger as the number of visits per week declined. One a positive note, large zucchini can be treated like eggplant (bake the slices instead of frying them) and made into a wonderful zucchini parmesan.

The milder temps were not soon enough for the spinach tho. It all bolted and ended up being dug into the garden to help enrich the soil. That is new for me. Typically garden refuse would go into the compost pile. This year I made trenches and dug it back into the garden. Everything went in except the brassicas (clubroot) and anything with seeds like the few large cucumbers I ended up missing over the summer. The lettuce I planted at about the same time also bolted. I cut it off at the ground level to see if there would be any chance of getting anything decent once the temps cooled. Doubtful but worth a try.

figlets2015-09-13 All of the three fig cuttings I started last Spring have figlets and are about a foot tall. I started with a bag of dormant 6″ long cuttings from the Brown Turkey and Petite Nigra container plants a dear friend adopted. Looking at these I’m thinking they are all BT. This is fine as I do prefer their flavor over PN.

The second round of carrots I planted ended up with little holes through most of them. A root maggot of some kind. Need to research that one. I’m thinking a floating row cover would be a good idea next time.

The Iditarod tomatoes took forever to start producing but once they did were pretty consistant and had a good flavor. The Celebrities were gone at about the time they started so we have had a good run of tomatoes from the two plants on the balcony.

The horseradish I planted in a clay pot and buried is HUGE. While I did have a horseradish plant I had never harvested any of it so that will be new for me. I know it is one whose ability to regrow from the smallest piece of root left behind. For this reason it was planted in a clay pot and buried. It remains to be seen whether or not that will work. There is, after all, a drainage hole at the bottom.

Lessons learned: 1. Wait to plant spinach and lettuce for fall. Mid July was much too early.

Global Warming?


Ok here it is late November and one of the in-ground figs still has leaves. Our average first frost is a month gone. We have had a few light frosts but not enough to take out these die hards.

Now to be fair the fig IS on the south side of the house and there IS a largish bush nearby to offer some protection but it does seem a little late. The container figs have lost their leaves weeks ago.

The jalapeño peppers I picked yesterday are pretty late though. They were grown in a half barrel on the back patio by the north-west corner of the house. They are currently seeded and in a water soak waiting to become hot poppers. mmmmm


Help with fig identification

As I have stated in previous posts, a couple of years ago I purchased two figs from two different places. Both were labeled as Brown Turkey figs. Neither had fruit at the time and one didn’t have any leaves so I had no reason to believe that they were anything but what they were labeled. Since I don’t know what they are I am calling them by the color of their immature fruit, purple and green.

Purple fig leaves

Immature fruit of the ‘purple’ fig

Ripe fruit of the ‘purple’ fig

Leaves and immature fruit of the ‘green’ fig.

Ripe ‘green’ fig

I should note that the purple fig’s eye doesn’t open or if it does it barely does so. The ‘green’ fig has a sweeter taste and the fruit is much larger than the ‘purple’.

From what I have read, I would say that there is a good chance that the ‘green’ fig is actually the brown turkey. Anyone disagree? Any idea what the ‘purple’ fruited fig is?

Awesome harvest

I had a friend come over and pick raspberries on Thursday morning. On Friday morning I picked and ended up with about 6 cups. I picked this morning and now have a gallon of berries waiting for me to decide what to do with them. Half will probably be frozen and the other half given away.

I roasted an eggplant on the bbq this morning for some Baba Ghanouj. I thought I had some Tahini but the can I had in the cupboard was way past its prime so I will pick some up at the grocery later today. The eggplant is in the fridge with the lemon juice added waiting on the rest of the ingredients. This will be lunch tomorrow.

This morning I also picked the rest of the small round watermelons and about 3 gallons of tomatoes. I only had a couple of melon plants and ended up with about 8 or 10 melons total. Not bad as I did absolutely nothing to them after planting other than splash water on them once or twice. The tomatoes will be canned later today.

I noticed one of the purple figs is almost ripe. mmmm

It is so dry here. Areas around us picked up some rain last week but it went around us. The flowers are wilting and looking pretty dry as are most of the perennials. Unfortunately I can’t afford to water them the way they need. I keep threatening to tap into the gray water for the ornamentals. Perhaps next year I will actually do it.

Cutting Success and Unknown Figs

About 3 months ago I planted the cuttings that I had taken from both plants last fall. They had spent the winter in a ziplock back in the veggie tray of the fridge. They went into moist soil with no rooting hormone, heat or anything. They cups were kept in the milk crates and left in the shade. The past month or so they have been eased into the sun where they are now getting about 5 hours a day. Every one of them rooted. Not a single loss. I’ve been slowly finding homes for them. I really didn’t expect to end up with so many making it but am glad they did. Now to find them some homes.

A coup of years ago I purchased what were supposed to be 2 Brown Turkey Figs from two different suppliers, one local and one via the Internet. Looking at the fruit below it appears that at least one is mislabeled.


I’ve scoured the net and I’ve seen photos of brown turkey figs that appear quite dark and others that appear lighter. The green fruit above will end up with more color than it has now (green/brown/gold) while the darker of the two will get quite purple and be much smaller. The mature leaves are a bit different too. The purple variety has more angular leaves while the green variety has more rounded leaves. Anyone have any ideas?

Getting Back Into It

Another year has come and the decision on whether or not to have a garden this year was one I pondered for the first time in a long time. As evidenced by the dearth of posts from the latter part of last season, my free time has been drastically curtailed. I’ve decided to cut back a bit this year focusing mainly on the existing fruit and some tomatoes, eggplant and perhaps some beans if I am feeling particular daring.

A couple of weekends ago I took a ziplock bag of some Brown Turkey fig cuttings out of the crisper that I had cut last fall. Half of these I treated with dip n grow and placed in cups of vermiculite in my cutting bench and turned the bulbs on. Half of these were covered with the tops of soda bottles sans the lids. I just checked on them and a couple under the covers are working on some small leaves and others have green buds. I’m sure there are no roots yet. The ‘soil’ temp is right around 72-75F

Today I took some cuttings of the female arctic kiwi that I purchased last year. She needed a trim and I got about 9 5″ cuttings that I treated like the figs above. The stems weren’t as large as I would have liked but I thought what the heck. I have no experience propagating either figs or kiwi so I don’t have a clue how this will turn out.

Last night I purchased some tomato seed. 5 varieties in all. Two of these I grow every year (Big Beef and Celebrity). I decided to try Jetsetter and two smaller varieties, Florida Petite and Florida Basket. All were purchased from Tomato Growers Supply. I’ve ordered from them before and have never been disappointed either with their selection or their seed. I and a fellow gardener at work have been asked to give a talk on gardening later this spring. Since many of the staff live in nearby condos I thought I would try the two cherry varieties as Fl. Petite boasts of growing in a 4″ pot and the 40 day to harvest I couldn’t pass up. Fl. Basket is supposed to work well in hanging baskets. I should have time to get these planted and some good sized transplants ready for our talk. The Jetsetter is an indeterminate variety that sounded promising with its disease resistance. Stay tuned.

Blooms, some spots and where are all the pictures?



The blueberries are a bloomin’. Normally it is a little colder when the blueberries bloom. Rarely do I see any honey bees out yet but the yearly visit from my lone bumble bee should be starting up any time now. She can often be seen doing her best to pollinate the blueberries. I do everything but build a shrine to her. She is my hero.

The first blooms of the season on both the June bearing and everbearing strawberries are starting. The currants and my Miss Kim lilac are both loaded with what will be future blooms. The tulips are up and in full bloom. I only have two of them and ended up cutting them last night as we were supposed to get a bad storm. Thankfully it missed us.

This is mom’s creeping phlox. I took a start of this from mom’s place after she passed. It has lived in a 3 gallon pot for the last 10 years. I supposed I could separate it out and put some in the ground. When is the best time to separate phlox? Have I missed it this year?


One of my new Brown Turkey Figs has some spots on the leaves. I picked the one at the top of the page up at a local place (Jungle Jim’s) and about a week or two later noticed these spots. Any ideas? I tried googling fig and spots but every entry maked fig. 132, fig. 87 etc came up. I went with figs but that was of little help. And why the heck are all of these University publications lacking photos? With digital cameras as cheap as they are these days can’t we get some pictures on those fact sheets?

What a Sight to Behold…

Yesterday I received the Brown Turkey fig and Northblue blueberries I ordered from Miller Nurseries. Since all were destined for containers that is where they went. Of course they came on one of THE rainiest days (weekends) we’ve had in a long time. So, there I am standing out in the pouring rain (thunder off in the distance), watering can in hand, watering in my new babies. Oh what a sight that must have been for the people driving by.

by: kerry