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Pitching the Tent

When I lived in Kentucky we had the Eastern Tent Caterpillar. In my experience with ETC there it kept pretty much to the apple, wild cherry, maple and other trees in our neighborhood. I don’t ever remember seeing it on smaller fruits. Here in Washington we have the Western Tent Caterpillar or WTC. Like its cousin to the East, this is a larva from a fairly nondescript brownish moth and it seems to have an appetite for the smaller types of fruit. More than one evening saw us picking these beasties off of the apples, raspberries and blueberries, easily getting several dozen within about 10 minutes. Fortunately their season was short and the damage minimal.

Snow Peas

The snow peas are doing well…finally. I planted a row early but had to replant when only a few came up and those that did ended up getting stepped on. I planted half a row again in the same spot and these seem to be doing great. This year I planted half of what I did last year and I do believe the yield will end up being higher.

The beans are doing well but it will be a while before I see a harvest from them. The garlic is coming along nicely. A little unclear on when I’ll need to harvest. Need to research that.
Garden 6-8-2015

Spring has sprung


A couple of signs of spring here in Kentucky.

Each year I see a lone bumble bee visiting the blueberry. I am sure there is probably more than this one but if so, I never see them.

This is Tia’s lilac – Ludwig Spaeth. A very nice scent and color. It has been growing in a large post for several years not and this is the best flowering yet.


This morning I was pondering what to eat for breakfast. Bowl in hand, I remembered the berries. How cool is it to be able to take your bowl to the garden and pick your breakfast? Blueberries and a raspberries topped off with a little Fil Mjolk. A breakfast is born. It doesn’t get much better than this.

Even if you don’t have a large yard there are berries that will grow in containers. My blueberries have been in 5 gallon buckets for almost 10 years. Every few years I take them out and rejuvenate them by dividing, replenishing the soil etc. Strawberries do great in containers as do figs. I know a lady that is even growing raspberries in a container. I haven’t tried it but would imagine that gooseberries would probably do fine in containers too.

Berry Good

I often get up long before I have to start getting ready for work to browse the garden. The morning is cool and the birds are out in full chorus. I do the container watering at this time, harvest what I can and just enjoy the morning. This morning on my rounds I came up with some of the early raspberries, the first couple of blackberries, a couple of handfuls of blueberries, currants, the first of the gooseberries and the last of the strawberries. What an awesome breakfast!

The dill is just getting large enough to take a small harvest. This batch went into a couple of small paper bags to dry. The bags will get a shake once or twice a day to insure even drying.


This is the first year that my male kiwi is starting to show signs of the stunning leaf color it is capable of.


Last year I started figs via cuttings in two batches. One had a rooting hormone treatment and the other did not. While the treated batch did do better, the untreated batch did well enough that I didn’t treat any of these cuttings. This batch was taken from the plants last fall after they went dormant and placed in plastic bags in the vegetable crisper drawer in the fridge. They are simply stuck into soil and kept in the shade.

I may lose half of them but since I haven’t a clue what I will do with the half that should live I am ok with that. The batch on the left is light brownish fig and the batch on the right is a smaller deep purple fig. Bother were labelled as brown turkey but obviously one is not. I’ll post some detailed pics of the leaves and the fruit once they start producing and maybe someone can help me identify what I have.


Eric’s Hakuro-nashiki willow is so pretty. Last year there wasn’t as much variation in the leaf color as there is so far this year.

I saw a hummer visiting our tulips this morning which reminding me of the hummingbird feeder that I picked up on Monday. Time to get that bad boy out and filled with some sugar water.

I picked up two stevia plants last night while at Lowes getting plumbing parts to fix the broken faucet. One Stevia went on the side of the house and the other went in the herb bed. I am going to try to see if I can get the one by the house to overwinter. I have had it happen a couple of times before and the area where I planted it is somewhat protected. I am going to try planting a fig there too.


If half the blueberry blossoms get pollinated I should get a great crop. Typically I see a lone bumblebee doing the pollination but so far this year I haven’t seen any bees of any kind in the yard.

Karen’s ajuga plants are blooming and spreading.

Update: Blueberry Cuttings – 9 wks

Its not looking good. I’ve lost all of the cuttings that were in the plastic bag. The ones in the float tray are right behind them. I have to wonder if they didn’t put out leaves too soon. The only ones still kicking are the ones under the jars and they just started leafing out a few weeks ago.

I noticed that the thicker stemmed cuttings seemed to last the longest of the ones that have died so far. It makes sense that they would have more stored energy than the thinner ones. I’ll be interested to see if the few remaining ones do anything.

The 3 gallon pots of small starts I divided out of the 5 gallon buckets all seem to be doing great except for one. If all goes well with them I’ll end up with 12 plants where I had 6 and 2 of those are buckets that I held off dividing this time. I’ll do those late next winter/early spring.

Blooms, some spots and where are all the pictures?



The blueberries are a bloomin’. Normally it is a little colder when the blueberries bloom. Rarely do I see any honey bees out yet but the yearly visit from my lone bumble bee should be starting up any time now. She can often be seen doing her best to pollinate the blueberries. I do everything but build a shrine to her. She is my hero.

The first blooms of the season on both the June bearing and everbearing strawberries are starting. The currants and my Miss Kim lilac are both loaded with what will be future blooms. The tulips are up and in full bloom. I only have two of them and ended up cutting them last night as we were supposed to get a bad storm. Thankfully it missed us.

This is mom’s creeping phlox. I took a start of this from mom’s place after she passed. It has lived in a 3 gallon pot for the last 10 years. I supposed I could separate it out and put some in the ground. When is the best time to separate phlox? Have I missed it this year?


One of my new Brown Turkey Figs has some spots on the leaves. I picked the one at the top of the page up at a local place (Jungle Jim’s) and about a week or two later noticed these spots. Any ideas? I tried googling fig and spots but every entry maked fig. 132, fig. 87 etc came up. I went with figs but that was of little help. And why the heck are all of these University publications lacking photos? With digital cameras as cheap as they are these days can’t we get some pictures on those fact sheets?

Update: Blueberry Cuttings Day 30

The hardwood blueberry cuttings of the lowbush varieties Northcounty and Northsky are coming along so far. These are 30 days out from cutting and are the farthest along. The cuttings outside under glass still aren’t showing any signs of growth and the ones in the float tray are just a little behind these.

I ended up adding heat to both the float tray and this container via a heating pad on low. The water/soil temps are at about 70F and the lights are on 16 hours a day. I checked for roots on a few of these, nothing yet.

What a Sight to Behold…

Yesterday I received the Brown Turkey fig and Northblue blueberries I ordered from Miller Nurseries. Since all were destined for containers that is where they went. Of course they came on one of THE rainiest days (weekends) we’ve had in a long time. So, there I am standing out in the pouring rain (thunder off in the distance), watering can in hand, watering in my new babies. Oh what a sight that must have been for the people driving by.

Step away from the keyboard Kerry…

The Internet is a very dangerous place. It is just wayyyy to easy to browse the catalogs, click a couple of times and spend more than I probably should on plants.

I was baaaaad again today. I ordered 2 White Imperial currants, 3 Northblue blueberries and a book on Plant Propagation. I decided against the Elderberries and other than the black bamboo I hope to get I am finished ordering plants…I mean it… I really am.

My logic behind all of this ordering went like this. I have the two (possibly more if the cuttings take) Red Lake currants and I thought the whites would be a nice contrast. The blueberries I picked up because with all the existing plants I have I am clueless as to what is what except for one that still has a tag. I do know that they are all from two different varities and I need at least two varieties for pollination. So…. by throwing the Northblue into the mix I am assured that as long as I keep the others close to a NB I should be good to go. The book I had checked out of the library last year and have wanted it ever since. It is packed full of tables and specific info on many different kinds of plants. Lots for me to learn there and that is always good.

by: kerry