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A Big Wind

Less than 24 hours after the cold frame pic was taken it is missing its plastic covers. We had a heck of a storm lastnight. Our tv antenna (yes we still have one of those) mast snapped and our antenna is hovering about 2′ off the ground. The plastic covers that were fastened to the cold frame by strips of wood are hanging. They were closed by the time the storm came so it must have been a heck of a wind. One of the pieces of wood was found about 30′ from the cold frame sticking straight up out of the ground. I won’t have time to repair this till tomorrow after work. The plants inside look ok and it is only supposed to get down to the mid 30s tonight so it should be ok.



My poor little apricot is always in such a hurry. This one lives in a half barrel and I do believe that next winter I am going to move it to the north side of the house to discourage such an early showing. I had meant to do that last winter but the time got away from me.

This is one of the two lovage plants I put in the ground last year. So far this is the only one that has made a showing. Some sources list this plant as a potherb (stalks and leaves) and as a medicinal. I’ve never tried it for either though I may try steaming some of the young leaves if it makes a strong enough showing. It looks a lot like a loose celery when it is growing.


If it weren’t for these automatic openers I probably would not have attempted the cold frame. It is so nice not to have to keep such a close eye on the temperature and run back and forth opening and closing the lids. That is sorrel that is peeking out on the left.


Garden sorrel is great in salads when the leaves are young. It has a lemony flavor that really adds some life to milder greens. It is one of the earliest herbs to come alive in the spring. I was able to keep a couple of plants going in the cold frame all winter. This is a form of Dock, fairly common in some parts of the world.


I call these Timex daffodils. They have volunteered in the same spot in my garden since we’ve lived here. This is the first year I’ve seen flowers though. Normally I forget they are there and end up tilling them when I renovate the strawberry bed.