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Thyme/Time Enough

Thyme enough for food…My Nesco oven is on the back porch cooking a thyme roast. Mmmmm. I love thyme and it is so easy to grow. If you have never had thyme chicken you must try it. Just mix up some fresh or dried thyme leaves, salt and pepper. Loosen the skin of a chicken and stick the mixture under the skin. Broil or place on a rotisserie. One of our faves.

Time enough for work… The tomato fence has been repaired. The rogue maples and redbud saplings have been cut down. The containers are fertilized. The horseradish from Donna is in the ground. The yellow raspberry from Rita is in the ground. The spirea from Carol is in the ground. The volunteer grape toms have been moved to a new home. The rest of the garden has been mowed and the soaker hoses have been placed. The only thing left to do this weekend is bathe the dog.

Time enough for wine… The gooseberry wine I started a week ago went into the secondary and I started a batch of rice wine last night. Not saki, just rice wine. I’ve never tried this recipe before so we’ll see if it is any good. The recipe is basically brown rice and raisins. I added a banana peel from this mornings breakfast and replaced the juice of a lemon for the acid blend. Time will tell.

Time enough for rest… well, not quite yet.

First Class Tomato

My SIL was in a nearby town during one of her many business trips. We had talked previously about her picking up a cherry tomato plant on one of her visits so I had saved one of the basket tomato cups back ‘just in case’. It was a little larger than I had anticipated it would be, so getting it to the point of being ‘flight ready’ took a bit of thinking. In the end it’s 16oz Dixi cup was placed inside a soda cup with another, larger soda cup on top for protection. This photo was snapped during the flight home. How many people can say that their tomato plants travel First Class?