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20 loads of leaves – garlic, onions and shallots planted

Last Sunday I had planned to get the rest of the leaves out of the front and side yards but it rained on and off all day. By the time I get home during the week it is dark so yesterday I was back outside, blower in hand. My help was stuck on the couch with the flu so it was just me again. Not quite as sore this time though. Most of the leaves had fallen from the trees so it was hard to tell where I had worked last week. I started at 10 am and by about 5:30 hauled the 20th wheelbarrow load of mulched leaves out to the garden. Today I spread the 29 piles with a rake and tilled them in. In all I added about 4-6″ of mulched leaves. There is another smaller section I would like to get leaves into so if there are any left next weekend and it is dry I will see what I can do to get them. There are probably another 5-10 wheelbarrow loads on the property but it is supposed to rain and possibly snow a little this week so they may be gone or it may be too wet next Saturday.

Earlier this fall I ordered 1/2lb of silver rose garlic and 1/2 lb of shallots. I planted these today along with half of the potato onions I grew this summer. I don’t know if the onions will overwinter or not so I saved back half just in case they don’t come up next spring. Potato onions are mulitplier onions. You plant one and it grows into 4-12 onions. The ones I have are the yellow variety. This spring I started with about 10 or so and ended up with over 50. Of those about 5 had gone bad.

9 Loads and Counting

Oh..my…gosh… I am feeling every bit of my 43+ years. I’ve spent the better part of today using my new leaf blower/vac/mulcher toy and had to quit or they would be dragging my limp body in from the yard. 9 wheel barrow loads = 18 bags of mulched leaves sitting in piles in my veggie garden. There are probably another 9 loads on the lawn that I will try to get done tomorrow. At least I should have some help then so perhaps we can take turns.