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Slugs, cosmos, coreopsis.

The lettuce has some slugs. Picked up some DE from Worm’s Way. Gave the rest of the leeks away to a good home.

I planted some candy strip cosmos by the rhubarb which the rabbits promptly pruned. So far they are still alive. Time will tell.

Transplanted into flower bed: “Early Sunrise” coreopsis that i started from seed last year. They weren’t doing much in the 4″ pots, lets hope they pick up in the ground

Potato Onions, more raspberries, lovage, savory, zinnias, broccoli and my bench.

Rec’d and planted out the 15 potato onions I bought on ebay.

Planted the 6 new Heritage raspberries that have been in pots since I rec’d them. I added a start from last years batch to finish the new row. So far there are about 100 starts in last years row. Yesterday I took V 6 starts. The new row was amended with leaves from the ditch, 1 bag of manure/humus and some grass clippings.

Mulched the blackberries and rhubarb with the manure/humus mix.

Bought and planted 2 Lovage and 1 Sorrel in the herb bed. Also bought a winter savory. It went into the flower bed along with some poppy seeds.

Seeded 72 cell tray with 3 different varieties of zinnia (tall, medium and short)

Still no peas but the beets, lettuce and radishes are up. Its hard to tell but I think there is some spinach coming up too.

T. bought me a park bench from Walmart today. Wooohoooo! I put it out under the sassafras trees. Now I just need them to leaf out so I’ll have some shade.

Purchased and planted 12 broccoli plants in a double row. I’ll finish out the row with zucchini or tomatoes, havent decided which yet

Persimmon, fenugreek, borage, viola, bee balm, cosmos.

The lettuce and radishes are coming up but nothing from the spinach, peas or beets yet. (6/7 the peas never made a showing)

It didn’t freeze, only got in the mid 30s as far as I can tell.

Started some old seed in half a leek float tray. Fugie Persimmon, Fenugreek, Lemon Bergamot, Viola and Borage.
(6/7 still nothing from the persimmon, everything else is up and doing fine)

Purchased some “Candy Stripe” Cosmos and Summer Savory from the Health Food Store in Florence. Both were broadcast in a small container, moist soil and plastic wrapped. This and the float tray went on the back porch

Leeks, garlic, shallots, butterfly bush

Retilled the garden and planted 75 leeks from the float in a crooked row. Under newspaper went the garlic that I had started rooting in a float tray last week. I also planted the shallots I had collected from Krogers.

The Dartmoor Butterfly Bush was separated and moved along the south side of the house. Only one of the three branches was showing new growth so I don’t know if the other two will do anything or not.

Seeded a bunch of stuff in the 200 cell tray. A lot of it was old seed. Not sure what will come up

Mimosa, Poppies, Blueberries, Asparagus

Feb 6, 2005
Scattered some oriental poppy seeds in flower bed. I couldn’t find the poppy seed i got from the plant swap last summer.

Checked blackberries, aok. The severe cold didn’t get to them. Probably because of the snow cover.

Planted some of Mallie’s Mimosa in a 4″ pot and sat in miss kim lilac barrell and in far end of herb bed.
(6/7/05 something came up but it sure doesn’t look like Mimosa, will check back later)

Cut some 6″ blueberry stems and ‘planted’ in sandy grape barrell in two bunches. planted cuttings about half way down (3″ deep). didn’t strip lower buds, don’t know if that will be a problem. will check them in the spring for rotting.
(6/7/05 at first this looked like it would work. all leafed out and had blooms which were removed. later they died. possibly needed a humidity tent? will try again next year)

Checked rhubarb, trying to emerge.

Apricot aok, no swollen buds yet.

Started soaking some Martha Washington asparagus seed.
(Update: 6/7 I ended up forgetting about these as they were set on the back porch after being wrapped in a moist paper towel and covered with plastic. Sometime in March or early April I found them and they had pretty much all sprouted and started growing and were still moist! They transplanted fine and are spending their first year in a couple of 3 gallon pots. They are about 6″ tall now)

Raspberries, buddleia, strawberries, veggies, lotsa weeds.

Purchased and planted 1 ‘Black Knight’ butterfly bush and 1 bluebeard.

The raspberries have been coming on for some time. I am amazed at how much fruit we are getting from 6 plants. It appears that there is some vines that will not bear this year. I will probably leave them and see if they leaf out next spring. The blackberries from Park are doing marvelous. I had cut them back to the ground when I planted them. The other 3 I bought locally and didn’t cut back aren’t doing anything really. They are a different variety. Guess I’ll cut the next ones back should I get any more. I am considering some more raspberries for next spring.

The strawberries are FINALLY weeded. I really shouldn’t let them get so weedy.

The tomatoes, eggplant, and peppers are going strong. Round 2 of the beans are about done. I was hoping to put another planting in but I believe I will save the space for fall lettuce/radishes. Round 3 of the beans are well on their way. The grape tomato plants Taryn gave me are producing well.

The squash is about over. The borers always get to it before I do. I’ve tried mounding some soil around the vines…we’ll see.

There will be enough dill to supply all of the eastern half of the country if all the seed that has fallen to the ground sprouts next spring.

The cukes are history.

Time to go weed some more


This is the first year my calendula have done anything at all. This year I covered the herb bed with newspapers and straw and opened holes to insert the plants. I started these from seed in early March in the float bed. The straw has kept the ground moist and I’ve only had to water once. I shall have loads of calendula seed for the seed swap box this fall.


I love this picture. It is one of the ones I keep on my computer desktop via WebShots at work. It lives in the corner of my herb bed. I started this one from seed several years ago where it has been living in a 3 gallon pot until this spring when it went into the ground.

Herb Bed

I needed some place to put the herbs that I had been gathering in containers over the last 5 years so I decided a strip next to the back patio (and just outside the kitchen door) was as good a place as any. So far I have spearmint, chocolate mint, valerian, St. John’s wort, borage, chives, bee balm, thyme, parsley, basil, sage, echinacea, calendula, yarrow, garlic, chamomile and oregano. I am sure there are others that I am forgetting.

Also visible in the photo are my two Interlaken grapes in the foreground in half barrels, the blueberries covered for the birds (and the cicadas), and a Miss Kim lilac in the orange barrel.

by: kerry