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Kentucky No More

Wow a lot has happened since the last post in 2011. I didn’t know it at the time but I would move twice in two years. The first time off of the property I had been living on for over a decade. I would leave the oven I took two years to finish. That was hard. I had to look at it as a reminder that nothing in this life is permanent. I would leave the berries that I enjoyed every year. The second move would even take me out of Kentucky.

The first move would take me to a lovely little place closer to work. Though it had almost 1/5 of an acre, there really wasn’t a great place to garden. I spent two years there and the second year the garden I had consisted of a couple of plots in a local community garden.

Just over a year ago I moved to Washington state. Again with no place to garden I’ve found a local community garden that has become a favorite spot for me to learn how to garden all over again. The Pacific Northwest is nothing like Kentucky!

I thought about starting a new blog for my new gardening adventures but decided to tweak this one a bit to fit in with my new surroundings. The tag line has been altered and I’m going to tweak the categories to separate out posts from each state.

Stay tuned…

Homade Birdbath Project

I was browsing the Net looking for a birdbath project and ran into this one. Basically you take a really large leaf (think elephant ears or something simliar), some sand and acrylic concrete patch and in the end you have a beautiful birdbath the shape of a leaf. I love this idea and do believe this is my next project.