Dog Stinkhorn aka Mutinus caninus

Dog Stinkhorn (Mutinus caninus) coming up next to rhubarb.

According to Simon & Schuster’s guide to Mushrooms, the Dog Stinkhorn arises from a white or pale yellow “egg” and is covered by a fetid slime. Mmmmm. Not surprisingly the edibility is listed as “of no interest”. Elsewhere I read that the slime attracts flies which pick up the mushroom’s spores and deposit them elsewhere helping to spread this one around. I found two in my side bed, one next to a small rhubarb and one near the highbush cranberry. These are about the size of your pinky in length and diameter but some text says they can get several times that size. Strange critter indeed.

53 thoughts on “Dog Stinkhorn aka Mutinus caninus

  1. just because your vet came up with they are not harmful to dogs does not mean there not my 7 month lab ate a few yesterday and about died so yes they will harm pets and i have a vet bill to prove it

  2. They are in Ok. too. My dog ate one and got sick for a week. She didn’t eat and ofcoarse was so weak I had to go to the Vet with her. She is fine now but I go and check my yard everyday. They are growing in my grass. I will also try the baking soda spray.

  3. We are suddenly getting these fungi in our yard and very large and tall by the way. It looks like 8 to 10 inch individual crab claws with slime on the ends. My concern is several of us in the household are allergic to mold. I have strange unexplained skin issues and my mother and daughter have unexplained coughs that aren’t going away. Is this due to the stink horns? Do we need to convince my dad to get rid of them and how do we do so without killing everything else? Kindly respond to Laureen at 9/28/12 Thank you

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