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Now I realize this is going to sound like one of those bogus emails that you get every once in a while. But this actually did happen to us just about a year ago. I decided to post it here even though it has nothing to do with gardening as I have just learned that this is not isolated to ovens and frankly I am getting tired of looking at my oven. Check out some of the links at the end of this post or do a google search on “exploding oven”. I am not the only one this has happened to. This could be VERY dangerous to little ones should they be in the vicinity.

On the afternoon of July 5, 2004 we heard a crash in the kitchen. When I got to the kitchen I found that the black glass panel in our oven door had exploded. The 1/4″ glass pieces were as far as 5 feet from the oven on one side and several feet on the other. Strangely there wasn’t much glass directly in front of the oven and the inner window was intact. The oven hadn’t been on in several days and the stove hadn’t been on in several hours. Thankfully nobody had been in the kitchen when this occurred. Imagine what could have happened to a child.

I contacted GE via their web form asking if I could replace the glass panel with a metal one and explaining what had happened to the glass panel we had. Here was the reply I rec’d:

From: ANSWERCTR@exchange.appl.ge.com
Subject: AT20040718_0000000064 Voicing a concern about an appliance or an experience with GE
Date: Mon 19 Jul 2004 12:44:18 EDT

Dear Kerry,

Thank you for contacting us. I am sorry to hear of your situation.
There is not a panel that can fit the same space as the glass.
It will have to be replaced with another piece of glass.

You can contact GE Service at 1.800.432.2737 to schedule an appointment,
or if you prefer, you may schedule online by visiting the site


Should you need any further assistance or have any other questions,
please don’t hesitate to let us know.

GE Internet Response Team

Great so my option is yet another glass panel… On July 19, 2004 I replied to Jennifer’s message with the following:


What assurances does GE give that a replacement piece of glass won’t explode like the first one? Alternately, is there a replacement door for this oven that does not use the glass?


Strangely I never received a reply to my second message.

So a year later here is where we are… I can pay to have my oven fixed with yet more exploding glass? As a result this is what our oven still looks like. While it still works, the door has to be held down by a second person when you take something out of the oven. It seems the weight of the glass helped to hold it open. Eventually when there is money to spare I’ll replace the oven with a non GE product without the glass.

GE oven after front glass panel exploded.

It seems it is not only the ovens with this problem but glass top ranges and microwaves may have the same issue.





I can’t find the link now but some appliance place had/has a page online that says the glass only breaks after being weakened by something hitting it (such as a broom falling into it) . Oh that makes it all better. Glass in a home appliance should not shatter like that for ANY reason and especially not with a force to send it a couple of yards out. Is it just me????

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  1. omg, my oven glass door exploded last night, wasnt on for 2 days, nobody near it just shattered like a gunshot and was all crackly noises (inner glass), how are we going to explain this to the landlord… they will never believe it, I wouldnt either if it hadnt happened to us… Westinghouse wall oven….

  2. my Diplomat oven door has exploded, we were cooking Sunday lunch at the time. The glass shattered all over the kitchen and actually embedded its self into the wall and door.
    We have had the oven about 16 yrs, so frightening, thank god no one was harmed.

  3. The middle glass of my GE oven shattered while in the self-cleaning mode. When I called the appliance store where I purchased it they told me they said it was the first time anyone has reported the problem. Since it is still under warranty they ordered and will replace the glass. Since I was concerned it would happen again they referred me to GE customer service and suggested I ask them for an extended warranty to cover this problem.

    The customer service was of NO help. They said they could not extend any warranty that this would not happen again, since it has not happened. Yes, I agree, they just gave me double talk. I then asked them if there has been any recalls or other complaints made of this problem and they too said this is the first they have heard of this happening.

    They said they could connect me with extended warranties so that I could purchase additional coverage but I am on a fixed income and with the little income that I do have I question if I should be throwing good money after bad.

    Has anyone had this happen to them after replacing the glass?

  4. Probably had grease that caught fire when it hit the right ignition temp. Mine just blew (blew open door) and was on fire while preheating to 425. Can’t remember any spills since self cleaning earlier this month.
    I put the fire out and proped the door open till all spoke had burnt off as I continued to preheat. House airing out.

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